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psyc 325 - ch 2 definition

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PSYC 325
Mario Liotti

Memory and the BrainFrontal regionsPlanning thinking monitoring BrainAssumption that biological organ located inside skull is organ directly involved in memory language thoughtAristotlethought the heartAlzheimers diseaseOne of many dementiatype illnesses thats more common in older adults than youngerMemory is first deficit detected in this diseaseTerminal illnessinitial signaturedevelopment of amnesic symptoms memory loss disease affects brainEarly patients trouble learning new information and retrieving recent eventsLater stageloss of knowledge of past and eventually identity of close relativesTraumatic brain Sudden and devastating injuries to brain hit hard objectsinjuriesClosehead injuryautomobile windshield hit dont completely crack skullgreater damage than openheadhead to windshielddamage to prefrontal lobesfrontal lobe damage can result in longterm deficits in memory emotional complications difficulties in planning and organization temporal lobe may be damagedmore memory complications Can occur in openhead injuries ex BulletsMost from motor vehicle crashesleading cause of death in young adults mCountercoupblow to back of headmay damage occipital lobevisual deficits Clinical Practice of helping braindamaged patients recover and cope with neuropsychologytheir injuriesTBImostly young adultslong lives aheadsocial importanceFocus on rehabilitation and restoration of cognitive e skillsNeuronsHave nucleushouse individuals chromosomescontain genes which contain each individuals DNASoma aka Cell bodysurround nucleuscontain apparatuses that keep cell working Unique because fiber that extend outward from somafiber allow transmission of information 2 types fiberone that leads into neuron and one that leads out each fiber conducts electricity Dendrites receive different pulses high voltagelow voltageelectrical potential of the cellVarious inputs sum at soma and determine electrical state of that neuron at certain timesum totalthen can cause particular cell to start signal to other cellsEach have one axon but can branch out and connect to others but get same electrical pulse because only one axonChemical processes keep message strong regardless of length of axonAxon of one neuron dont touch dendrite of nextgapsynapsetransfer information chemically not electrically end of axon are nodules terminal buttonsso signal reach heretrigger terminal button to release neurotransmitters to cross synapse and induce electric flow to next cell Terminal buttonsEnds of axon that hold neurotransmittersMultiple sclerosis Disease caused by loss of myelin along human axonsLoss of movement and coordinationslow down of information flowing through axons
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