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psyc 325 - ch 4 definition - episodic memory

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PSYC 325
Mario Liotti

Episodic MemoryEpisodicStore lots of information remember where when who in eventmemoryemotionoutcome What when where of an eventrepresent pastness of theevent sure event is pastUsually characterized by feelings of remembering rather thanknowingMust be directly based on personal experiences youve hadCan be big or small events also includes flashbulb memoriesHighly social phenomenonshare with friends family etcTulvingHypothesized difference between 2 functional aspects of memory semantic and episodic memory Dont remember whenwhere we learned information in semantic memoryEpisodic and semantic memory differ in content of whats represented personal meaning to person and emotions it inspiresAssert we have different neurocongitive systems for episodic and semantic memory operate according to different principles for these memoryRememberkno Tasks which participants determine feeling of memories bywjudgementsthem categories of remember or knowassigning Developmental Congenital memory deficit usually restrictive to episodic memoryamnesiaImpaired at encoding new episodic events and retrieving events from their lives but can learn semantic information normallyNo TBIPotential for dissociation between episodic and semantic memory Dissociationdamage or experimental variable can affect one cognitive Brian system but leave another one intactHERA Theorymodel of memory that right hemisphere is more involved in hemispheric retrieval of events form episodic memory and that left hemisphere encodingretrievis more involved in retrieval of events from semantic memoryal hemisphereLeft hemisphere more involvement in semantic memory rightepisodicStudied PETcue words and then ask to retrieve specific event from life episodic elicited by cue or factsemantic elicited by cue another studyrecall facts they knew were associated with cue wordelicited semantic memories NeuropsychologiBoth episodic and semantic memory can be impaired by brain cal evidencedamage or just one form not other1Memory impairmentoccurs more often for episodic memory Semantic memory amnesia quite rare2Memory impairments following brain damageusually greater for episodic memory than semanticmany caseslose much access to episodic memories but without substantial impairment of retrieval from semantic but may have impaired encoding to semantic memory suffer impairments in remembering events from lives but can recall many facts of worldLevels of CraikLockhart More meaningful handling of information leads to processingbetter encoding of that information One of most successful theoretical constructs in memory research
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