PSYC 325 Chapter : psyc 325 - ch 4 definition - episodic memory

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Store lots of information; remember where, when, who in event, What, when, where of an event + represent pastness of the emotion + outcome event= sure event is past. Usually characterized by feelings of remembering rather than knowing memory. Must be directly based on personal experiences you"ve had. Can be big or small events; also includes flashbulb memories. Highly social phenomenon = share with friends, family, etc. Hypothesized difference between 2 functional aspects of memory: semantic and episodic memory. Don"t remember when/where we learned information in semantic. Episodic and semantic memory differ in content of what"s represented, personal meaning to person and emotions it inspires. Assert we have different neurocongitive systems for episodic and semantic memory (operate according to different principles for these memory) Tasks which participants determine feeling of memories by assigning them categories of remember or know . Congenital memory deficit, usually restrictive to episodic memory.