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psyc 325 - ch 7 definition - autobio memory

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PSYC 325
Mario Liotti

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Autobiographical MemoryFlashbulb Most certainmemories are accurate Memories are detailed memoriesconfidencestrongCan be personal events Form of autobiographical memory ex First day of schoolAutobiographiCannot remember episodically events from earlier infanthood so info cal memoryAbout ourselves about thensemantic in natureBoth episodic and semantic memories can be about our individual life story major theory that organizes research on autobiographical memoryhierarchical model of autobiographical memoryworking selfEventspecific Individual events stored in episodic memorymemoriesTerm episode too vaguecan ether mean isolated instant or an extended eventDetailsLindon precise moments in time eventsextended but continuous memories Detail ex Exact moment shark flashed bylasted for a second then shark gone event ex Adrenaline rush in body and concern about air supply from watching angelfish General Follows general principles of memoryevents Ex May have similar general event memory for class you took year agodont remember any specific classes but have generalized memory of classroom where sat what learned Our livesfilled with repeating cycles of work school exercise bed rituals etcAbility to form these memoriesrequire ability to be able to integrate and interpret across individual eventsimportant to create autobiographycognitive schemata guide us informing these generalized events ex Switch to new storeform new generalized script for grocery shopping Extended eventex 2 week vacation Robinsonstudy pattern of general memories called minihistoriesdespite always driving car most people remember very first time you drove car on ownMini histories Robinson integrated sequence for activities with straightforward goal and timeline Ex Learning to drive car first relationship Lifetime Idiosyncratic personal ways which we organize our autobiographical pastperiodsUsually organized by common theme and may overlap in actual physical time periods that they coverDoes not need to be linearcan overlapex Possible when I was in college coincides with before I got married but each is associate with different set of general and specific event memories Can provide direction and sense of goals and accomplishments for some can serve as good cues to retrieve general or episodic eventsif used as cuespeople retrieve autobiographical memories faster Conways Levelsspecific events organized together into general events which in theory turn are organized into cohesive units as lifetime periodsAccess lifetime period ex When I was in college should unlock host of general and specific events associated with that lifetime period Four overlapping levels of organization in autobiographical memory eventspecific memories general events lifetime periods working selfWorking selfMonitoring function that controls retrieval of information from levels of representation Function of your aspirations and expectations combined with your actual memory
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