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psyc 325 - ch 8 definition False memory

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 325
Mario Liotti

False MemorySleep Occurs when brain emerges from REM sleep but body still paralyzedcan be paralysisverydistressingCombined with hypnosis therapymajor source of false memories CorrespondenMatch between retrieved memory and actual event from pastceMisinformatioFalse memories created by post event misinformation witness event and n effectthen later receive false information about what occurred during that eventif later remember false information a misinformation effect occurredLoftusdata demonstrated unreliability of eyewitness memory SuggestibilityTendency to incorporate information from sources other than original witnessed eventOther sources may be potentially misleading sourcesmay be other people written materials or picturesSource Determining if your memory is of your own experience or if its based on monitoring stories from others etcdecisionsource monitoringknowing where your memories come fromability to distinguish sources in memoryautomatically make judgment of sourcereliable or notand act accordingly failurescan lead to false memoriesoccurs at time of retrievalmemory brought to mindsource monitoring processes unconsciously examine memory for clues to its originmemories with lots of sensory details are usually judged to be real same as those with strong emotional associationsbut strongly imagined and plausible memory may pass this source monitoring t
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