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psyc 325 - ch 9 definition - Metamemory

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PSYC 325
Mario Liotti

MetamemoryMetamemorAllow us to reflect on own memory processes and actively and expertly selfyreuglate own memory processesreflect on what we knownotSome animals have rudimentary metamemory processes but abilities are processes unique to humansAllow us to focus on most difficult items if those are what we need to focus on or inform us we have studied enough stHot topic in first decade of 21 centuryto understand learning and memory improvement Monitoring Ex state you are confident you will remember vocabulary you just studied metamemorduring test or when sure will not recall wordyCan occur at time of learning or time of retrievalcan occur for semanticepisodic inofmraiotn Nelsonlikened this to a thermomterthermometer tell us ambient temperature metamemory tell us state of our personal memoriesEssentialperson become consciously aware of whether inofmraiotn is accessible in memory or notTipof the tonguethink will remember it soon like notingHear different languageknow you wont understand it also form of metacongitionOnly useful if accuratrely reflects what we do or do not have represented in our memory systemMonitoring When think know something you do know it when think dont know accuracysomething indeed dont knowIf think you can remember something then fail to do so monitoring failed or if think cant remember something then domonitoring failed Control Slef regulation directed at memoryProcesses take output of monitoring and use information to informprocesses decisions we make about learning and rememberingDirect Ex look at word pair you studyingjudge confidence by directly accessing access how strong that pair is stored in your semantic memorytheoryExTOT stateactual strength of name itself that is driving feeling of TOTFOK and TOTdirect access view argue judgments arise from sensitivity to unretreived targetitems have insufficient memory strength to be recalled they are strong enough to signal presence as metacognitive stateArgue JOL judgments caused by persons ability to gauge how strong item become in memory Ex game showasked fact questionif fail recall namecan have FOK judgment of likelihood they will recognize correct name if in MC testPostulate FOK judgmentsdriven by unconscious activation of unrecalledtarget name memory and metamemory are function of same cognitiveprocessesCue Stored information about the cue or sense to which we recognize cue familiarityinfluences our metamemory judgment for the toberemembered targetRetrieval of Retrieve information related to a target that information can influence our related metamemory judgment for learning or remembering the targetinformationAvailabilityAll information present in memory systemTOT Feel as if item is inaccessible but eventually recoverablefeeling of TOT that concerns metamemory2 components1Feeling subjective statecan be strong2Referent of that feelingparticular item is there in our memoryStatefeel frustrated cant recall answer feel about to get itcome later have first letter of missing wordcommon experiences
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