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Chapter 4

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PSYC 355
Robert Ley

CHAPTER 4 Self – all of the characteristics of a person Self-understanding – individual’s cognitive representation of the self; the substance and content of self-conceptions Barometric self – fluctuating adolescent’s self Possible self – what individuals might become, what they would like to become, and what they are afraid of becoming Self-esteem – self-worth, self-image; the global evaluative dimension of the self Self-concept – domain specific evaluations of the self Narcissism – a self-centered and self-concerned approach toward others Self-efficacy – refers to individuals’ belief that they can master a situation and produce positive outcomes Identity – who a person is, representing a synthesis and integration of self-understanding Identity versus identity confusion – Erikson’s fifth developmental stage; individuals are faced with deciding who they are, what they are all about and where they are going in life Psychosocial moratorium – the gap between childhood security and adult autonomy THE 4 STATUSES OF IDENTITY (James Marcia) 1. Identity confusion – adolescents have not experienced an identity crisis and have not made any commitments; show little interest about exploring alternatives 2. Identity foreclosure – when adolescents have made a commitment but have not experienced an identity crisis 3. Identity moratorium – adolescents who are in the midst of an identisy c
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