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Ch 1 Themes and Issues Textbook notes and definition

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PSYC 357
Wendy Loken Thornton

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Chapter 1 Themes and Issues in Adult Development and AgingBiopsychosocial View of development as complex interaction of biological perspectivepsychosocial and social processesFields such as biology medicine nursing sociology history arts literature provide perspectives to enhance understanding of psychology of adulthood and agingIdentity plays central role IdentityComposite of how people view themselves in biological psychological social domains of lifeSelfInteraction of biological psychological social domains Four Principles of 1Continuity principlechanges occur in later adulthood build on Adult Development what has occurred during ones pastand AgingTheoretical approachchanges in old age occur against backdrop of persons prior developmental history ex Biological changes may occur in cardiovascular system with age depend in many ways on prior function of that system throughout lifePractical implications include way people feel about themselveshow viewed by others people tend to feel the same inside even if appearance changeOutward appearancelarge role in how people are perceive by others but feel that they are same only older so older adults often resent being treated in certain way because of their age and way they appear2Only Survivors grow oldIn order for people to become old they have to not die survive many threats such as accidents risky behaviours etcManage to avoid death suggestmay be inherited good genes emotionally healthy or have good support system social factors or combination and dose of luckMostly likely did not engage in table 12 Special characteristicsall older adults are survivors of the conditions that others didnt endureincreasing age into later lifemore select in characteristics such as physical functioning health intelligence3Individuality mattersas people age they become more different from each other rather than alikeIncrease ageolder adults become more diverse segment of population in terms of their physical functioning psychological performance conditions of livingImportance of experiences in shaping developmentincreasing differences in adultsexperience cause them to diverge from others of same age ex College or militarypassage of time differing experiences mold the person you becomepossibilities from choices you make Relates to notion of interindividual differencestrialthlete older person and sedentary college personolder adult outperform them4Normal Aging is Difference from Diseasedifferentiates between normal impaired an optimal aging Interindividual Differences between people differencesPeople of same age may vary so dramatically from one another that they may more closely resemble people from different age groups even on measures typically thought to decline with ageHippocampuspeople in 70s may have same brain volumes as
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