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ch 3 Research methods Textbook notes and definition

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PSYC 357
Wendy Loken Thornton

Research MethodsDependent Variable on which people are observed to differvariableVaried on dependent measures because exposed to different levels of independent variableIndependent Variable that explains or causes range of scores in dependent variablevariableEx Age but not really because its value cannot be controlled or manipulated therefore use range of statistical techniquesnot true IVcant be randomly assigned to age groupnever state with certainty that aging caused people to receive certain scores on DVonly whether different age groups varied in their responses to different levels of IV or correlation ex Memory test for old andyoungcant determine if age caused differences therefore studyof agingmethodological challengeDescriptive Ager alone is variable of intereststudiesDesigns lack ability to determine cause and effect but understanding differences between age group still goodFall into 2 categories longitudinal or crosssectionalLongitudinal Same people followed repeatedly over time and compared at studydifferent agesto determine whether people changed over time as result of agingAdvantage measures age changes and therefore development psychological changesDisadvantageEffects of aging cannot be separated from historical change change due to own aging or environmental influencesTakes many years to completeexpensiveResearcher will not have publishable results take yearsmany investigator may not live long enough to see results come to fruitionSelective attrition of respondentsharder to complete statistical analyses on data powerhamper ability to draw inferences form sample to populationdrop out due to poor health death forgetting moved etc therefore only survivorslefthigher on some or all factors therefore cant apply to population Practice effects on testmay lead to improved performanceOriginal test may become outdatedMay be skewed because different types of people present in samples across succeeding test occasions survivorsstudy present for study were healthier more motivateddifferent than people that dropCorrective step Devote administrative resources to maintain respondents in studycontact information email newsletter greeting cards etcpersonal touch encourage respondents to continue participationkeep better track of people ex DeathUse alternate forms of test to avoid practice effectsRescorereanalyzeoutdated measures using newer theoretical frameworks Examine data from multiple studies conducted at differenttime periodsStimulated longitudal designtackle attrition several cohorts are followed up over 510 year period first study with
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