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ch 5 health and prevention Textbook notes and definition

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 357
Wendy Loken Thornton

Health and PreventionAtherosclerosisFat and other substances accumulate within arteries at abnormally high rate and substantially reduce width of arterieslimit circulation of bloodCongestive heart Blood flows out of heart at increasingly slower ratecause blood failurereturning to heart through veins to back upeventually tissues become congested with fluidUnable to exert selves without become exhausted and short of breath May experience build up in lungskidney problems EdemaMetabolic syndromeClinical condition involving high levels of abdominal obesity abnormal levels of blood cholesterol hypertension insulin resistance high triglycerides high levels of Creactive proteins in blood presence of coronary plaquesCluster of symptoms associated with cardiovascular disease Possess 3 factorsrisk of mortality from cardiovascular disease Mediterranean dietConsumption of meals that include minimally processed fruits vegetables nuts seeds grains olive oil low amounts of red meat and dairy foodslowmoderate amount of wineAssociated with diminished risk of metabolic syndromecardiovascular diseaseCancerGenetically caused damage to genes that control cell replication Some damage associate width genetic mutations linked to inherited tendency for development cancer mostly breast and colonMost not hereditydevelop with random mutations occur that cause bodys cells to malfunctionmutation develop either as mistake in cell division or response to injuries from environmental agents ex RadiationchemicalsMost become prevalent with increasing age in adulthood because ageassociate with greater cumulative exposure to harmful toxins carcinogens in environment Smoking more dangerous than UVforms of cancer relatedmore lethallung cancer from smoking and exposure to smokerisk for cancer in mouth throat esophagus larynx bladder kidney cervix pancreas stomachSecondhand smokegreatgreater risk for lung cancerCarcinogenspresent in betel quidinclude toxic substance areca nutmany chew this in southeast AsiaIndia 80increase liveresophageal cancerStudyhighest BMIs had death rates from cancer 52 higher men 62 f vs normal BMIHigh BMIassociated with cancer of esophagus colon rectum liver gallbladder pancreas kidney m stomach and prostate womenbreast uterus cervix ovarySpecific foodStomach cancercommon in Japan Korea eastern Europe Latin America eat foods that are preserved by drying smoking slakting or picklingFresh food especially fruits and vegetablesmay help protect stomach cancerRisk colon cancerdiethigh fat low in fruits vegetables low in high fiber food wholegraincereals ex Highest in New Zealand and USconsume most meatEnvironmental toxinin air food waterasbestos arsenic
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