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ch 8 personality

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 357
Wendy Loken Thornton

Personality PersonalityPersons characteristic way of feeling or behaving everyday language definition Psychologist no consistent way to definebased on different theoretical preference Freuds Theory Age 5child works through early sexual attachments to parentsadolescencepsychodynamifew substantive changestherapy is little value to individuals over age of 50 cbelieved personalities so rigidly set they could not be radically alteredPart of personality most important to behaviourthought to be hidden in unconscious with conscious mind being the small tip of larger iceberg so for person to change hidden regions need to be altered but with increasing ageless and less amenable to alterationIddeepest part of unconscious mind part of personality that seeks fulfillment of desires that would lead people to commit unacceptable acts ex Rape murder incestKept in check by egoEgopersonality structure thats most accessible to conscious awareness performs rational executive functions of mindUse defense mechanisms protectkeep out person from knowledge of ids unacceptable impulses out of conscious awarenessGoal of developmentability to love and work aka To be able to live without experiencing undue conflictSay egono independent role in personality just serve as desires of id but others thought egoequivalent to conscious mind to perform functions of integration analysis synthesis of thought ego psychologyDefense mechanismsnecessary to allow person to function with minimum anxiety People who cant regulate their aggressive urgesmay find selves plagued with guilt or anxiety about harm that they have caused or might cause to othersContemporary followersproposed ways which Freudian therapy can be adapted to people in middle yearsDifferent branches of psychodynamic theoryContemporary studies of psychodynamic psychology in adulthood focus heavily on changes in defence mechanisms Defense Unconscious strategies intended to protect conscious mind from knowing the mechanisms improper urges of unconscious mind which influence wide range of socially unacceptable behaviours Freud maturity and healthy use of defense mechanismsless likely found in people who fail to resolve childhood conflictsmay spend most of adult years involved in unsuccessful efforts to rid selves of inappropriate sexual attachments to parentsparent figuresEgo psychologyView that ego plays central role in actively directing behaviour frameworkconceptualizations of personality Developmentlearn how aging influences egos ability to adapt to conditions and constraints of outside world while managing to achieve expression of individuals personal needs desires wishes Ego often equated with selfErikson ego identityself attribution of personal characteristics Erikson psychosocial theorycertain ages associated with certain stages but issues can arrive earlierlater if conditions develop that stimulate individual to confront those issuesRochester Measured with IPD inventory of psychosocial developmentmeasure 8 Eriksonian Adult issuesLongitudinal Focus on psychosocial development from college to midliferelationship of life Study RALSexperiences to personality Most extensive study based on Eriksons theoryby Rochester et Al sequentialcomparisons among cohortsFindings psychosocial developmentconsistency of age changes across 2 cohorts in two stages theorized to change the most in college and early adulthood identity vs identity diffusion intimacy vs isolationSupport for notion of continued growth on this dimension during adulthood
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