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ch 9 relationships

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Simon Fraser University
PSYC 357
Wendy Loken Thornton

RelationshipsMarriageLegal sanctioned union between a man and woman as traditionally defined in social institution Marriedoften pay joint income tax returns given automatic privileges to share rest of financesother necessities ex Heath care benefits and housing often share last name husband martial partners entitled to retirement death and health insurance benefitsentire estate when partner diesNot legally conform to statues of particular religion often performed in religious contextNot legally marriednot automatically entitled to benefits Many advantages 915 reduction in mortality risk protective effectgreater in countries from Europe and NA vs Israel and Asian countries greater happinessother benefits to quality of life65 in UShigher men 72 vs 42 women married and living with spouse women 652x likely 39 vs men 19 to be living aloneolder women greater risk for some disadvantages that come with single status ex Fewer financial resources less access to care lower social supportStudysecond marriages coupleless likely engage in premarital education vs first marriageslikely decrease martial happiness and increase rates of divorceCohabitationLiving in stable relationship prior to or instead of marryingCohabitation Greater likelihood of divorce among couples who cohabitated before they become effectengagedExplanations1Couples who would not have gotten married slide into marriage through inertiafact they were already living together becomes basis for entering into marriage even if fit between two partners is not all goodlead to divorce because not well matched at outsetmore likely divorcegreater unhappiness during period of staying together after marriagePsychological Practical consequencesfinancial and housingaspects of Child custodyfor manyarrangements most significant challenge caused by divorcealtered status as a family Lower psychological health less satisfying sex livesPoor health higher mortality ratesProblems with substance abuse moredepressionMore negative life eventsDecrease in 1People marrying at later ages older a woman at marriagelower probability she will divorce rate become divorced factors2Previously skyrocketing divorce rates increased consciousness in society about need for preventionstudy show couples in premarital education higher levels of martial satisfaction lower levels conflict reduced odds of divorce Factors 1Those who divorce in given year generally not same people and those who gotten influencing marriednumber of divorce cannot simply bed compared divorce rates2Divorce rate in given year includes those who are doing it for secondthird timepeople who tend to have a higher divorce rate than those who are getting a first divorceinflates divorce rates3Number of people in pop8ulation of marriageable ageinfluenced by birth and death ratesDivorce Characteristic of divorced people to be more likely to consider divorce as an option pronenesswhen their marriage is not going smoothly Highmay have long history of difficulties in area of intimacyRALSwomen in college low intimacy scores more likely have divorced by late 50s not true for menWidowhood Influenced by individuals previous psychological wellbeing widowhood effectadaption Adapt more readilymore likely to have higher wellbeing prior to death of spouse but men more vulnerable to depression after death of wives without remarriage their levels of wellbeing may not return to preexisting levels even after 8 yearsBoth men and womenanniversary reaction may continue for 35 yearsfollowing spouse deathWidows if receive positive support from children 6 months after death of spouse
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