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ch 10 work

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PSYC 357
Wendy Loken Thornton

Work Retirement Leisure PatternsLabour forceAll civilians in over16 population who are living outside of institutions prisons nursing homes residential treatment centers and who have or are actively seeking employment Highest incomemen in 4564 age group womenhighest in 5564Women465 labour force US Women with young children labour force rose steadily between 19842004 then decreased both for married women and single women since 2004Gender gapDifference between salaries of men and womenwomen earn less Highest among Whites 80 and lowest among Blacks 93Pronounced among women in 5564 age rangeearn 79 of income of men in same age groupHighest paid sector of job market ex Management professional related occupationsdiscrepancy graterwomen earn 74 of menVocationPursuit of an occupation Included by social factors ex Education race gender agereflect personal interest and preferencesVocational development theoriesbased on premise individual choice plays large role in determining choice of careerDesire to enter given fieldprompted choice of careermay reflect personality skills experienceattempt to make and determine peoples level of happiness and productivity once acted on these choices Hollands Most prominent theory in vocational development vocational aspirations and interest vocational are direction expression of individuals personality development Process 6 fundamental types aka codes that represent universe of all possible theoryvocational interest competencies behavioursEach identified by initial letter realistic R investigative I artistic A social S enterprising E conventional COccupations reflect particular pattern of job requirements and rewards thats characteristic of their environmentsserve as settings that elicit develop reward specific interests competencies behaviours associated with each of the typesRIASEC modelHollands vocational development theoryproposes 6 facets of vocational interests and environments realistic R investigative I artistic A social S enterprising E conventional COccupations can be described in terms of these 6 typesApply RIASEC typescombination of 23 initials usually assigned rather than onerdFirst letterprimary type which their interest or occupation falls 2 or 3 letters allow for more accurate and differentiated picture of persona or occupationPersonality descriptions thought to characterize each of 6 types based on correspondence between Holland codes and scores on measures of Big 5RIASEC typesorganizedin hexagonal structureimplies types have relationship to each other based on distance from each other on structurehexagon help define way interests correspond to your environmentsMost satisfied with job if in environment that fits personality type congruence aka Fittwo knobs are aligned Likely prominent for some time to comeeasily interpretableuserfriendlyadopted by vocational counsellors Assessment tools for people and jobsreadily available inexpensive adequate empirical support Codestable during career development years of late teens and early 20s but individual difference in patterns of stability many be variations in personality ex More open peoplelikely change career interest overtimeCongruenceFit between persons RIASEC type and occupation within Hollands vocation development theoryInfluence ability to be effective on job happymost productivePeople cant find jobs they wanteconomypredict experience low job satisfaction and high degree of instability until find fulfilling work environments RIASEC modelif cant work productivity sufferArtistic in realistic workmayend of work go home to seek congruence
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