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Chapter 8

Chapter 8 Personality

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PSYC 357
Wendy Thornton

PSYC 357 ADULTHOOD AND AGINGCHAPTER 8 PERSONALITYPSYCHODYNAMIC PERSPECTIVEBranchesego psychology theory of defense mechanisms and adult attachment theoryEGO PSYCHOLOGYequivalent to the conscious mind performing the integration analysis and synthesis of thought p 168Serves the desires of the id FreudMain concern in development learn how aging influences the egos ability to adapt to the conditions and restraints of the outside world while managing to achieve the individuals personal needs desires and wishes p 168Eriksons Psychosocial TheoryRochester Adult Longitudinal StudyRALSoFindings showed that continued personality development is not only possible but predictableFive Pathways Through Adulthood Whitbourne p 169o PathwayDescriptionAuthentic RoadAchieves solid identity commitments through exploration and changeIdentity balanceTriumphant TrailOver comes challengesIs resilientStraight and Maintains consistent life patternNarrow WayIs defensive about changeIdentity assimilationMeandering WayFails to settle on a course in lifeConstantly searches for identityIdentity accomodationDownward SlopeShows selfdefeating behaviorMakes poor decisionsLoevingers Ego Development Theory p 170View of ego incorporates how people think as well as the structure of personalityDefined ego as the structure within personality that attempts to synthesize master and interpret experiencesEgo involved in ability to regulate impulses relate to others achieve selfunderstanding and think about experiencesStagesDescription
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