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Week 12 Reading Notes

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PSYC 362
Kim Bartholomew

1 How Couples Experience Distress and Seek Help for Relationship Difficulties by Bradbury & Karney (2010) Most Common Problems Most Damaging Problems Most Difficult Problems to Treat Communication 87% Physical Abuse Lack of Loving Feelings Power Struggles 62% Extramarital Affairs Alcoholism Unrealistic Expectations 50% Alcoholism Extramarital Affairs Sex 47% Lack of Loving Feelings Power Struggles Solving Problems 47% Incest Serious Individual Problems Demonstrations of affection 45% Communication Physical Abuse Money Management and Finances 43% Power Struggles Communication Lack of Loving Feelings 40% Unrealistic Expectations Unrealistic Expectations Children 38% Serious Individual Problems Other addictive Behaviors Serious Individual Problems 38% Other Addictive Behaviors Incest Common Models of Couples Therapy Model Primary Emphasis Psychodynamic The role of unconscious forces in how partners perceive one another’s behaviors Systems The rules or principles that govern and restrict the exchange of behaviors Behavioral The rewarding and punishing properties of exchanged behaviors and their associated cognitions Emotion The manner in which different affective exchanges can inhibit and promote intimate bonds Theoretical Models often exaggerate certain features while minimizing others. Psychodynamic Treatment – hypothesizes that the way partners communicate is motivated by the expression of unconscious feelings and beliefs - Object Relations Couples Therapy o Object – internal representation that a person forms of someone who has taken care of him or her o Emphasis on caregiving and internal representations share features with attachment theory Systems Treatment – emphasize repetitive patterns of interaction between partners and the typically unspoken rules and beliefs that govern these interactions - Recognizes that couples fall into regular patterns of interaction when they deal with different stressors - Key tasks for intervention include interrupting the rep
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