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PSYC 365
David Cox

CH2 - Homeostasis o Dynamic physiological response on the part of the body to maintain a stable internal state in spite of the environmental demands  Affected greatly by stress - Nervous System o Afferent Neurons  Nerve cells that conduct impulses from a sense organ to CNS or from lower to higher levels in the spinal cord and brain o Efferent neurons  Nerve cells that take impulses away from the brain  Both communicate with each other via neurotransmitters at the synapse o Peripheral Nervous System  Somatic  Voluntary (muscles)  Autonomic  Involuntary  Sympathetic and parasympathetic o Fight or flight and rest and digest o Central Nervous System  Glial Cells  Main component of CNS, and support system for neurons.  Blood/Brain Barrier  Acts as a sentinel for materials that enter the brain via blood  Meningitis  Inflammation of membranes that protect brain and spinal cord - Endocrine System o Slowww - CardioVascular Accidents o Ischemic stroke  Caused by blockage o Hemorrhagic Stroke  Caused by blood vessel rupture o Diagnosis critical. If you treat hemorrhagic like ischemic and attempt to blast the blockage you’ll spill more blood CH3 - Eustress o Positive yet stressful experience - Physiology of stress o Sympathetic adrenomedullary system o Hypothalamic pituitary adrenal system o Limbic system  Emotion o Phyios response:  Hypothalamus  Initiate stress response  Adrenal medulla  Secretes catecholamines  Limbic system  Reticular formation  Visually focus on important detail  Parasympathetic system  Trying to reestablish homeostasis o Endocrine system joins in (slowly)  Pituitary gland  Adrenal cortex  Converts proteins and fats into glucose  Thyroid gland  Increases release of fatty-acid fuels metabolized in stress process  Pancreas  Secretes insulin and glucagon - Burnout symptoms o Emotional exhaustion o Depersonalization o Reduced personal accomplishment - Models o General Adaptation Syndrome (GAS)  Selye  Alarm (fight or flight)  Resistance (mobilization of resources)-tighten fist, grit teeth  Exhaustion (break down)  Disease of adaptation (health problems that are the result of long term neurological and hormonal changes caused by ongoing stress)  Criticisms of GAS  Narrow biological focus (only animal studies)- lack of human cognition  Neglect psychosocial influences o Stress-diathesis Model (also in PNI)  Predisposing factors interact with stressors to trigger a stress response  Eg. Babies are tested at birth for PKU, if baby born with PKU diathesis, the environment would feed it normal food which would not be absorbed properly and would ruin proper functioning  PREDISPOSED implies that it MAY or MAY NOT be expressed, so it will be important to find the stressor so that it is not expressed - Cognitive Transactional Models o Appeal more to psychologists than GAS. o Models that emphasize relationship btw a person and his or her environment and the appraisal that the individual makes of the situation o Cognitive appraisals  Assessment of whether or not an event is stressful  No order o Primary Appraisals  Initial evaluation of a situation  Irrelevant  No implications on well-being. Requires no response  Benign-positive  Appraised to be positive and may increase well-being. Pleasurable emotions- only demand on individual is knowledge that they will end  Stressful  Harm/loss o Significant physical or psychological loss (serious illness or loss of job)  Threat o Anticipation of situations of harm or loss (allows preparation for impact of future event)  Challenge o Stressful, but positive excitement and anticipation of potential for growth (speaking in front of class) o Secondary Appraisal  People’s evaluations of their ability to cope with a situation  Interacts with
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