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Robert Ley

Ch2. The Beginning of Personality Theories January-19-13 3:20 PM I. Introduction • To fullyunderstand/appreciate theories, look at the context/origin it was created in • Freud, Ernst Brucke, Jean-Martin Charcot II. SigmundFreud: Personal History and Context • Pages34-40 • Exposed to those with neurosis • Brucke: positivism:that appliesexperimental rigorto biology, physiologyand medicine • Hysteria (conversion disorder) -- mostlyfemalepatients, displaying symptomsof central nervous system disorder without apparent cause ○ Product of psychologicalconflict • Abreaction: emotional releaseof what was suppressed • Transference: transfer of childlikefeelingsfor parents to analyst ○ Countertransference:transfer of feelingsto patient • Free association: the method of therapy Freud used, where patients are free to speak of whatever comes to mind III. The First Discoveries A. Resistance: on part of patient during free association; such as silence, exacerbation of symptoms when originwas close to anxiety provoking revelation (when disturbing material threated to surface)  --> some force must be holding such thoughts from awareness ○ Ego: awareness of wishes, feelings,memoriestoo painful to be dealt with openly --> thus kept away from consciousness to protect self from anxiety B. Repression: unconscious process of pushing out ideas, memories,feelingsthat could make one anxious; very quick and automatic ○ Individualis at conflict with self, self-destructive C. Symptom Irrationality:patients have difficultyrationalizing why they have their symptoms ○ e.g.,they're going crazy, malevolent/unseenagent is causing it, etc. D. The Unconscious: unconscious mental lifecan cause us to do thingswe fully believewe don't want
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