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Chapter 4

PSYC 370 Chapter Notes - Chapter 4: Inferiority Complex, Spoiled Child, Superiority Complex

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PSYC 370
Brianne Layden

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Chapter 4 psy370:
4.2: Inferiority Feelings: the source of all human striving:
Adler believe inferiority feeling is constant motivating force in all behavior/ the source
of all human striving
The process begin in infancy. Totally dependent on adults. Infants feels of inferiority
relative adults around them.
It not genetically determined, based on environment, same for all infants, it is
inescapable, but necessary!
4.2a: the inferiority complex
An inability to overcome inferiority feelings intensifies them, called inferiority complex.
4.2b: causes of inferiority complexes
Three causes of inferiority complex:
Organic inferiority: defective parts or organs of the body shape personality. Like Adler
himself, many people have success for physical weakness, like gymnast, athletic.
Spoiling: Spoiled child are the center of attention in home, but they are not when came
to school; little social skills, so inferiority complex exits.
Neglecting: lack of love and their parents are hostile, so feel worthlessness; neglecting
also as a child abuse.
4.2c: the superiority complex
Exaggerated of one abilities, feel inwardly self-satisfied, no need to actual achievement.
(boasting, vanity, self-centeredness). Or others become success in such a need.
4.3: Striving for superiority, or perfection
At first. Alder think inferiority with a general feeling of weakness or femininity; but then
he think about superiority or perfection. Striving of superiority as the fundamental fact
of life. He think strive for superiority in an effort to perfect ourselves, make our
complete. He argue instinct and primal impulses were insufficient as explanatory
principles, final goal of superiority or perfection could explain personality.
Fictional Finalism
Finalism as ultimate goal. Potentialities but no actualities(exits our subjectively
Fictional finalism: fictional ideas guide our behavior as we strive toward a complete
being. The lost pervasive one is the ideal of perfection----God.
Two points for superiority: 1: increase rather than reduces tension, not believe reduce
stress is the only motivation/ the striving for superiority is showed both by the individual
and by society as a whole. Try to achieve the perfection of culture.
4.4: The style of Life
We create style of life to achieve ultimate goal (superiority or perfection)
The style of life thus becomes the guiding framework for all of our later behavior,
especially, the birth order.
The creative power of the self
He believe we create our selves, our personality. We are not passively shaped
by childhood experiences; neither heredity nor environment provides a
complete explain for personality. He also believe existence of individual free to
allow us create style of life from geeti ad eiroet’s eperiee. We a
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