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Chapter 1

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PSYC 370
Robert Ley

CHAPTER 1definitions of personality1 the dynamic organization within the individual of those psychological systems that determine his characteristic behaviour and thought allport2 a configuration of traits But it often stands as the organization of inner conflicts rather than their resolution psychoanalytic theory gay3 the study of phenomenon that occur in interpersonal situations in configurations made up of two or more people all but one of whom may be more or less completely illusory4 that which permits a prediction of what a person will do in a given situation cattell5 simple a device for representing a functionally unified system of responses skinner6 those characteristics of the person that account for consistent patterns of feeling thinking and behaving pervin cervonejohnpersonality theories concerned with the nature of human nature consider motives feelings thinking and actionthe forces that drive us and order our emotioncog life recognizable continuity of personality from situation to situation over the lifespan how ppl develop with emphasis on the psychological attributes that make each person unique consider what stress and damaging disorders of personality do to us people in olden ages studied human nature philosophers of Athens Socrates Plato and Aristotlehow present personality theory study differs from olden timesphilosophy defn of psyc study of personaliyu1 psychological perspective using psyc to study how humans develop and their actions2 scientific scientific approach scientific methods basis in sci consider how each thoery enables us to predict understand and control human behaviour there are 24 personality theories that fall into 8 paradigmsPARADIGMS IN PERSONALITY a model to explain stuff established set of ideasbody of though in science sci theoriesexperimental proceduresbecame paradigms greek ppl patternexample shown side by side with an object and held up in comparison to it see its like this well studied disciplesfew paradigms less studiedless developed disciplesa lot of competing paradigms personality thoerypersonality theory 7 paradigms contesting views about the originorganization of human beh th the 8 personality paradigm diagnostic paradigm to categorize mental disorder Funder thinks 5 paradigms includes fam societyculture theories in with phenomenology LarsenBuss dont include learning theories takes few learning theories and puts them in cogexpinclude adujustment represents indiv approaches to difficulties of life Mischel ShodaSmith thinks 6 paradigms includes existentialism with phenomenologyall of the paradigms except 2 started after Psychoanalysis Freud started
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