REM 100 Chapter 5: Introduction to Global Change

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REM 100
Steve Conrad

REM 100 Week 2 Sept 12/11|Sept 14/11 Introduction to Global Change Chapter 5 The Awakening  Development has often harmed the environment and the environmental harm has adversely affected development  Pollution from industrialization damages the basic biological systems on the planet  At the first world conference on the environment was held in Stockholm, Sweden in 1972 - developed countries wanted to protect the environment with strict antipollution laws - developing countries feared that strict antipollution laws would hurt their chances for economic growth  poverty was main cause of deterioration of the environment so they needed more industry instead of less  10 years later at the second environmental conference in Nairobi, Kenya, rich and poor nations changed their stance towards environmental initiatives - developing countries showed for further efforts to protect the environment because environmental deterioration (desertification, soil erosion, deforestation, silting of rivers and reservoirs) was harming their efforts to develop and reduce poverty - rich nations wanted to slow down environmental initiatives until they had recovered form their economic recessions  Awareness of the threat to the environment caused by human activities became worldwide by 1982 (by the time of the second environmental conference)  The third environmental conference was held in Rio de Janerio, Brazil in 1992. Now called the Earth Summit, formally the Conference on the Environment and Development - largest attendance of leaders of nations - made the term “sustainable development” known thought the world the term means that economic growth in the present should not take place in such a manner that it reduces the ability of future generations to live well - 2 treaties were signed by ~150 nations  one treaty only called for nations to reduce the emissions of their greenhouse gases to 1990 level. There were no specific targets or timetables were placed in the treaty because of the insistence of the US  the biodiversity treaty providing protection of plant and animal specials was signed by most nations. The US was stood alone in opposition to it and did not sign REM 100 Week 2 Sept 12/11|Sept 14/11 the treaty. (Was the year of a presidential election and Bush was vulnerable to attack because of flow economic growth and a huge governmental deficit)  Sustainable development – economic growth and efforts to improve the living standards should be able to be continued without undermining the conditions that permits life on earth, thus making future development impossible or much more difficult – economics and the environment are both important  economic development and the reduction of poverty are essential to the protection of the environment  The Sustainable Development Commission was set up under the UN to endorse sustainable development and monitor the progress nations are making to achieve it  The fourth environment conference was held hin Johannesburg, South Africa, under t
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