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Chapter 5

Ch. 5

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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 150
Ann Travers

SA 150 Ch 5Socializationthe lifelong social experience by which individuals develop their human potential and learn patterns of their culturePersonalitya persons fairly consistent patterns of thinking feeling and actingDarwin believed that ppl had a fixed instinctive nature Ex Criminals are born criminalsBehaviorism TheorySpecific behaviour patterns arent instinctive but learned from societySigmund FreudBasic Human NeedsoBonding called life instinctoAggressive drive called death instinctFreuds Model of PersonalityoId humans basic driveoEgo A persons conscious efforts to balance innate pleasureseeking drives with the demands of societyoSuperego the operation of culture within the individual in the form of internalized values and normsSummarycriticismoChild is id personality but grows up Well adjusted ppl have an ego personalityoThe id and superego are forever in conflictoPersonality is an ongoing battle between opposing forces of biology and societyoCompeting demands of self and society are often compromised by sublimation sex drives are satisfied by marriage aggression settled by competitive sportsJean Piaget Cognitive DevelopmentSensorimotor Stage the level of human development at which individuals experience the world only through sensory contactoRoughly first 2 years of lifeoUse 5 sensesoUnable to use symbolsPreoperational Stage the level of human development at which individuals first use language and other symbolsoAge 26oReality moves beyond senses imagination gained appreciate fairy tales
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