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Chapter 10

Ch. 10 Social Stratification

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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 150
Ann Travers

Ch10 Social StratificationWHAT IS SOCIAL STRATIFICATIONSocial Stratification a system by which a society ranks categories of people in a hierarchyo4 Basic Principles1 Social stratification is a characteristic of society not simply a reflection of individual differencesChildren born into wealthy families more likely to succeed and live longerThe extent to how much people can control their destinies is limited by position at which they are born2 Social stratification persists over generationsStratification stems from society rather than from individual differencesPatterns of inequality generally stay the same from generation to generationException especially in industrial societiesSocial mobility change in a persons position in a social hierarchy3 Social stratification is universal but variableSocial stratification is found everywhereThe inequality of social stratification varies from society to society4 Social stratification involves not just inequality but beliefsSystems of inequality also define certain arrangements as fairEach society has different explanations for unfairnessThose with greatest social privileges support societys system while those below want changeCASTE AND CLASS SYSTEMSThe Caste System social stratification based on ascription a social status received at birthclosed No chance for social mobilityBirth alone determines ones social destinyPpl must marry others of same rankTypical of agrarian societies agriculturalThe Class System social stratification based on individual achievementopen ppl can gain schooling and sills to have social mobility in relation to parents and siblingsEveryone even the poor are entitled to rightsCareers and marriages are matters of individual choicePpl still remain unequalStatus consistency the degree of consistency of a persons social standing across various dimensions of social inequality
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