Week 9 Reading Summary

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Sociology and Anthropology
SA 335
Rachel Treloar

Short Summary for Week 9: Women’s Work in Transnational Context - Misra, J., Woodring, J., & Merz, S. (2006). The globalization of care work: Neoliberal economic restructuring and migration policy. Globalization, 3(3), 317-332. (12pp) - Wong, M. (2000). Ghanaian women in Toronto’s labour market: Negotiating gendered roles and transnational household strategies. Canadian Ethnic Studies, 32(2), 1-14. (13pp) - Spitzer, D., Neufeld, A., Harrison, M., Hughes, K., & Stewart, M. (2003). Caregiving in transnational context: “My wings have been cut; where can I fly?” Gender & Society, 17(2), 267-286. (17pp) The article on Ghanian women in Toronto discussed women’s continuing transnational ties and adapting to Canadian environment. Many of the women migrated at a bad time, during the economic recession, and therefore could not find adequate jobs. Due to other issues such as residency & refuge laws, and work visas, many women took low paying jobs, which they were often overqualified for. The maintenance of transnational ties serve the purpose of (1) maintaining family security in the face of economic insecurity, (2) resisting social exclusion and racialized discriminati
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