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Simon Fraser University
STAT 100
Jorge Rodriguez

Stat 100 Statistics and Actuarial Science Chapter 1Chapter 1 Where Do Data Come From Talking about data individuals and variables Statisticso Science of data the art of data o A big part of good judgement lies in deciding what you must measure in order to produce data that will shed light on your concerns Individualso Objects described by a set of data o May be people but also animals or things Variable o Any characteristic of an individual o Can take different values for different individuals Numerical Variables o S o Eg Age and income Categorical Variables o Places an individual into one of several groups or categories o To do statistics with these variables we use counts or percentages o Eg Occupations and sex Statistics deals with numbers but not all variables are numericalBad judgement in choosing variables can lead to data that cost lots of time and money but dont shed light on the world What constitutes good judgement can be controversial Here are some examples of the challenges in deciding what data to collect Example 1 Who recyclesExample 2 What is your race
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