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Chapter 5

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Simon Fraser University
STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Chapter 5 Experiments Good and BadTalking about experimentsObservational studies are passive data collectionExperiments are active data productionResponse variable is a variable that measures an outcome or result of a studyExplanatory variable is a variable that we think explains or causes changes in the response variableTreatment is any specific experimental condition applied to the subjects If an experiment has several explanatory variables a treatment is a combination of specific values of these variablesExplanatory variables called independent variablesResponse variables called dependent variablesHow to experiment badlyLurking variablevariable that has an important effect on the relationship among the variables in a study but is not one of the explanatory variables studiedtwo variables are confounded when their effects on a response variable cannot be distinguished from each other may be explanatory or lurkingobservational studies and onetrack experiments often yield useless data because of confounding with lurking variablesRandomized comparative experimentsthe first goal in designing an experiment is to ensure that it will show us the effect of the explanatory variables on the response variablesremedy is to
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