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Chapter 7

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STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Chapter 7 Data EthicsFirst PrinciplesThe most complex issues of data ethics arise when we collect data from peopleEthical difficulties are more severe for experiments that impose some treatment one people than for sample surveys that simply gather informationInstitutional review boardthat reviews all planned studies in advance in order to protect the subjects from possible harmInformed consentall individuals who are subjects in astudy must give out consent before data are collectedConfidentialonly statistical summaries for groups of subjects may be made publicNeither the law nor the consensus of experts is completely clear about the details of their applicationInstitutional review boardsThe purpose of an institutional review board is not to decide whether a proposed study will produce valuable information or whether it is statistically soundTo protect the rights and welfare o man subjects Can require changes onstudyWhether their workload has become so large that their effectiveness in protecting subjects dropWhen a board is overloaded there is a temptation to put more proposals in the minima
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