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Chapter 8

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Simon Fraser University
STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Chapter 8 Measuring Measuring StatisticsPlanning the production of data through a sample or an experiment does not by itself product numbersOnce we have our sample respondents or our experimental subjects we must still measure what ever characteristics interest us Once we have decided what properties we want to measure we can think about how to do the measurementsWe measure a property of a person or thing when we assign a number to represent the property Use an instrument to make a measurement units to record the measurementsThe result of measurement is a numerical variable that takes different values for people or things that differ in whatever we are measuringSome ways to ask about the variables in any statistical study 1 Exactly how is the variable defined 2 Is the variable a valid way to describe the property it claims to measure 3 How accurate are the measurementsKnow your variablesMeasurement is the process of turning concepts like length or employment status into precisely defined variablesEx Tape SAT scoresMeasurement valid and invalidEx Height is not agood m
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