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Chapter 10

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Simon Fraser University
STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Chapter 10 Graphs Good and BadWhat makes a clear tableIt is clearly labelled so that we can see the subject of the data at onceLabels within the table identify the variables and state the units in which they are measuredThe source of the data appears at the foot of the table Pg 194One of the tables starts with the counts of the peopleRates are often clearer than countsThe last two columns of the table present the distribution of the variableThe distribution of the variable tells us what values it takes and how often it takes these valuesRoundoff errors the rounded entries dont quite add to the total Pie Charts and bar graphsPie chart show how a whole is divided into parts the circle represents the whole wedges within the circle represent all parts with the angle spanned by each wedge in proportion to the size of that part Pie charts force us to see that the parts do make a wholeA pie chart is not a good way to compare the sizes of the various parts of the wholeBar graphthe height of each bar shows the percentunit The bar graph is
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