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Chapter 6

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Simon Fraser University
STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Chapter 6 Experiments in the Real WorldEqual treatment for allSampling in practice has difficulties that just using random samples doesnt solveRandomized comparative experiments are also a big idea but they dont solve all the difficulties of experimentingThe logic of a randomized comparative experiment assumes that all the subjects are treated alike except for the treatments that ht experiment is designed to compareDoubleblind experimentsMedical studies must take special care to show that a new treatment is not just a placeboPlacebo effect operates on all subjectsThe strength of the placebo effect is a strong argument for randomized comparative experiments doctors expectations change how they interact with patients and even the way they diagnose a patients condition Whenever possible experiments with human subjects should be doubleblindDoubleblind experiments neither the subjects nor the people who work with them know which treatment each subject is receivingOnly the studys statistician knows for sureRefusals nonadherers and dropoutsSample surveys suffer from nonresponse
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