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Chapter 13

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STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Chapter 13 Normal Distribution1 Always plot your data make a graph usually a histogram or a stemplot 2 Look for the overall pattern shape center spread and for striking deviations such as outliers 3 Choose either the fivenumber summary or the mean and standard deviation to briefly describe center and spread in numbers 4 Sometimes the overall pattern of a large number of observations is so regular that we can describe it by a smooth curveDensity CurvesMost histograms show the counts of observations in each class by the heights of their bars and therefore by the areas of the barsWe now set up curves to show the proportion of observations in any region by areas under the curveTo do thatwe choose the scale so that the total area under the curve is exactly 1 The density curve is intended to reflect the idealized shape of the population distributionDensity curves are smoothedout idealized pictures of the overall shapes of distributions they are most useful for describing large numbers of observationsThe center and spread of a density curveAreas under a density curve represent proportions of the total number of observationsSo the me
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