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Chapter 17

Stats 100 Chapter 17, 18, 19 Textbook Exercise Answers.docx

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STAT 100
Derek Bingham

Stats 100 Answers Chapter 17 3 7 9 17 21 25 3long trials of this experiment suggest about 40 heads7 results will vary with the type of thumbtack used9 0 b 1c 001d 0617 If two people talk at length they will eventually discover something in common21 The law of averages is no more reliable for forecasting the weatherin the short run than it is for other predictions25 51 507 5031 50074 1 7 31 74 heads away from half the number of tosses Chapter 18 7 13 15 19 7 In Models 1 3 and 4 the probabilities do not sum to 1 Model 4 has probabilities greater than 1 Model 2 is legitmate13a 024 b023 c
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