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STAT 101
Rick Routledge

CHAPTER 1 Individuals – objects described by a set of data  People, animals or things Variable – any characteristic of an individual  Categorical variable – a variable categorized with a number not connected to the data but as a label  Quantitative variable – a variable categorized by units  Usually recorded in a unit of measurement Distribution of a Variable – what values it takes and how often it takes these values  Distribution of a categorical variable – lists the categories and gives either the count or the percent of who falls in each category Pie charts – distribution of a categorical variable as a “pie” whose slices are sized by counts or percents of the categories Bar graph – distribution of a categorical variable as a bar whose height are sized by counts or percents of the categories Histograms – distribution of one quantitative variable  Step 1: Divide the range of data into equal class widths  Step 2: Count individuals in each class 0.1  5.0 = 20 5.1  10.0 = 13  Step 3: Draw histogram 20 Y-axis: Individual X-axis: Quantitative variable 1.0 - 5.0 10 5.1 - 10.0 Bar graphs has spaces in between bars to separate quantities compared, histograms has no spaces in between bars to indicate all values of the variable are covered 0 Interpreting Histograms  Distribution is symmetric – right and left sides are approximately identical  A presence of more than one peak suggests a
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