COIS 1010H Chapter 15: Chapter 15

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Trent University
Computing & Information Systems
COIS 1010H
Jordan Hurley

Chapter 15 – Computer Security & Privacy Why Be Concerned About Computer Security? • Number of security concerns surrounding computers • Hacking, computer viruses, identity theft, and cyber-bullying • There are additional computer security issues that are not related specifically to networks and the Internet Hardware Loss, Hardware Damage, and System Failure • Hardware loss – any type of hardware that is stolen or lost by the owner o Can also result from hardware damage and system failure • Hardware loss o Hardware theft – stolen from someone ▪ Most obvious type o C-level attacks are rapidly growing as executives are increasingly using e-mail and storing documents on their devices o Also occurs when hardware is being transported or when it gets misplaced o If personal info was contained on the device, it can be used for identity theft • Hardware damage o Accidentally damaged by power fluctuations, heat, dust, water, abuse o Intentionally damaged by individuals who have access to the hardware • System failure and Other disasters o System failure – the complete malfunction of a computer system o If it controls a vital system such as a nuclear power plant, it can be a disaster o Can occur because of a hardware problem, computer virus, natural disaster, sabotage, etc. Protecting Against Hardware Loss, Hardware Damage and System Failure • Door and computer equipment locks o Alarm systems, trained employees, test checks, cable locks, computer locks, laptop alarm software, self-healing devices • Encryption and self-encrypting hard drives o Full disk encryption (FDE) – encrypt everything stored on the drive automatically without any user interaction, so users don’t have to remember to encrypt sensitive documents and the encryption is always enabled ▪ Also known as self-encrypting hard drive o Hardware encryption with hardware authentication is secure • Device tracking software and antitheft tools o Tracking software sends info about the location of the device o Remotely lock the device o Kill switch – a technology that causes the device to self-destruct • Additional precautions for mobile users o Mobile device management (MDM) – can control apps or disable camera ▪ Includes device tracking software o Wireless tether system – ties your phone to a key fob in order to sound an alarm and lock the phone o Best measure is common sense ▪ Be safe with your devices • Proper hardware care o Protective cases o Ruggedized device – designed to withstand much more physical abuse than its conventional counterpart ▪ More durable case ▪ Designed to withstand falls o Surge suppressor – protects hardware from damage due to electrical fluctuations o Uninterruptible power supply – built-in-battery that provides continuous power to a computer and other connected components when the electricity goes out • Backups and disaster recovery plans o Making a supplicate copy of important files o Continuous data protection (CDP) – backs up data in real time as it changes so that data can be recovered from any point in time o Disaster recovery plan – a plan that describes the steps a company will take following the occurrence of a disaster Software Piracy and Digital Counterfeiting • Software piracy o Software piracy – the unauthorized copying of a compute
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