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Chapter 7

ECON 1010H Chapter 7: Chapter 7

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ECON 1010H
Mak Arvin

Chapter 7 Global Market in Action Comparative advantage is the fundamental force that drives international trade. When there is free trade (imports), consumer surplus increases and total surplus also increases. The producer surplus shrinks. In exports scenario under free trade, producer surplus expands and total surplus increases, but consumer surplus shrinks. International trade restriction 1. Tariffs - is a tax on a good that is imposed by the importing country when an imported good crosses its international boundary. Tariffs raise revenue for government and helps the local industry that imported good was competing against. Consumer surplus shrinks and producer surplus increases and deadweight cost arises. 2. Import quotas- is a restriction that limit the quantity of a good that may be imported in a given period. It protects the local industries and similar to tariffs, price increases and quantities brought decreases. The main difference is import quotas brings additional profit to importers. 3. Other import barriers- Healthy, safety and regulation barriers and voluntary export restraints ( acts like a import quota). 4. Export subsidies- is a payment by the government to a producer of an exported good. This results in overproduction in local markets and underproduction overseas resulting in deadweight loss. Popular reasons for protection 1. Helps an infant industry grow- new industries are not as productive and such industries must be protected from international trade until it can be competitive. 2. Dumping - occurs when a foreign firm se
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