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Trent University
ENGL 1005H
Hugh Hodges

The Reluctant Fundamentalist Notes 1The Taliban group is perceived as being a terrorist group by many especially those in North America This is largely due to their part in 911 as referred to in the book My personal thoughts are that we as humans have the right to express our views although acts of terrorism are not the right way to go about this expression we should not lose sight of the fact that those in terrorist groups are still human It is also important to avoid overgeneralizing and assuming that anyone of Afghan nationality will automatically be a terrorist This was seen in the treatment of the main character of the book as he went through more intense security measures than his American colleagues simply because he is Pakistani I believe that he is not a terrorist and should not be assumed to be a terrorist any more than anyone else regardless of nationality It is the act of propagating terror not being born into a
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