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ENGL 3207H Chapter Notes - Chapter N/A: Olaudah Equiano, Frances Brooke

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ENGL 3207H
Kelly Mc Guire

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ENGL-3207H February 29, 2016
Seminar Seven
Final Essay
Topics will be released this week
New due date will be posted on the assignment sheet
An extension will be given due to lateness of topics being released
The History of Emily Montague by Frances Brooke
Canada not having a true identity
Formulation of an identity by looking at other identities and figuring out what
they are not
Travel being de-emphasized
The question of idleness being lazy, no sense of agriculture for the Indigenous
people (which was wrong)
Is religion tied to labour?
The question of labour connected to national character
The Interesting Narrative and Other Writings by Olaudah Equiano
Not having access to other people
Does not get to enjoy the company of people for long
Focus on the theme of freedom trying to free himself from slavery, freedom is
the main goal of his entire life, striving for his own freedom but not the freedom
of others around him
Not until the end of the novel does he reach out for freedom of others
He will never truly be free always having barriers to push through
10 years after his death is when freedom came about he never sees true freedom
Slavery contaminating humanity
Understanding the different types of slavery
Only giving the necessary information what needs to be there to understand his
Writing for his audience?
The first sighting of snow thinking it was salt; confused and amazed; asked
what its purpose is; the first introduction to the Christian god, the man he was
talking to states that God made it and then Equiano goes to church right after;
what he is describing and how he does it; giving a play by play at what he is doing
(point by point; matter of fact)
He is a man of feeling and talks about feeling, although is there a detachment
from the text
Doesn’t pick a lot of loaded words
In the introduction he comes off very religious
His race being more important than his religion to the white merchants race
being the defining factor
Using religion and freedom going hand in hand freedom the same time as when
he becomes religious
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