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Chapter 8

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Psychology Chapter 8: Behaviour in Social and Cultural Context - When we make a situational attribution, we are identifying the cause of an action as something in the situation or environment - When we make a dispositional attribution, we are identifying the cause of an action as something in the person, such as a trait or a motive - The fundamental attribution error is especially prevalent in Western nations, where middle-class people tend to believe that individuals are responsible for their own actions and dislike the idea that the situation had much influence over them - Self-serving biases – habits of thinking that make us feel good about ourselves, even when we shouldn’t - Two cognitive biases relevant to the attributions people often make: 1. The bias to choose the most flattering and forgiving attributions of our own lapses  Culture may affect whether or not we adopt another type of bias: the group-serving bias. This term describes our tendency to view the groups to which we belong, or the individuals in these groups, favourably  Some group-serving biases result from the degree to which one’s culture is collectivist or individualist 2. The bias to believe the world is fair - The variation among people in these attitudes is due in part to their genetic differences. Two such traits are openness to experience and conscientiousness - Religious affiliation is not heritable but religiosity – a person’s depth of religious feeling and adherence to a religion’s rules – does have a genetic study - Some of the key processes of coercive persuasion: o The person is subjected to entrapment o The person’s problems are explained by one simple attribution which is repeatedly emphasized o The
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