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Chapter 8

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PSYC 1030H
Elizabeth Nisbet

Chapter 8 Social PsychologySocial Norms and RulesNorms social rules that regulate social life explicit laws and implicit cultural conventionsNorms are conventions that make interactions orderlyEvery society has norms for almost all human experiences dating raising kids public behaviourSome are set in law others are unspoken cultural understandingsWhen everyone else violates social norm more likely to do so whole neighbourhood deterioratesRole a given social position that is governed by a set of norms for proper behaviour People fill a variety of social roles such as gender occupational familyRequirements of roles shaped by culture Culture a program of shared rules that govern the behaviour of people in a community or society and a set of values beliefs and customs shared by most members of that communityLearn cultures rules and values without thinking about itCultures differ in conversational distance how close people standEveryone brings their own personalities and interests to the roles they playObedienceMilgrams StudyMilgram investigated how many people would obey authority to violate ethical standardsParticipants assigned to teacher confederate was learnerParticipants shocked confederates when made an error in reciting wordsVoltage from 0 to 450 volts slight shockdanger severe shock XXXPsychiatrists predicted most wouldnt go beyond 150 volts and only one in a thousand someone who was disturbed and sadistic would go the full voltageNonprofessionals agreed with the predictions all said they themselves would stop earlyEvery single participant gave some shock 23 gave full shockObeyed even when they felt anguish about the pain they were causingLater did variations of study found nothing victim said or did changed likelihood of stoppingParticipants more likely to disobeyoWhen the experimenter left the roomoWhen the victim was right there in the room
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