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Chapter 14

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PSYC 1030H
Elizabeth Nisbet

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Chapter 14 PersonalityPsychodynamic ApproachesPersonality a distinctive and relatively stable pattern of behaviour thoughts motives and emotions that characterizes an individualTrait characteristic of an individual describing a habitual way of behaving thinking or feelingFreud and PsychoanalysisPsychoanalysis a theory of personality and a method of psychotherapy developed by Sigmund Freud it emphasizes unconscious motives and conflictsPsychodynamic theories theories that explain behaviour and personality in terms of unconscious energy dynamics within the individual Freud believed unseen forces have more power over personality than conscious intentionStructure of personality three systems1Id present at birth the part of personality containing inherited psychic energy particularly sexual and aggressive instincts 1Libido Competing instincts life sexual and death aggressive2Reservoir of unconscious energies and motives to avoid pain get pleasure2Ego second to emerge represents reason good sense rational selfcontrol1Referee between needs of instinct and demands of society2Both conscious and unconscious 3Superego last to develop part of personality representing conscience morality and social standards1Judges the id rewarding good or bad feelingsHealthy personality must keep all systems in balanceIfwishes of id conflict with social rules ego relieves tension with defence mechanisms 1Repression threatening idea memory or emotion blocked from consciousness2Projection persons own unacceptable feelings repressed attributed to someone else3Displacement direct emotions esp anger toward other objects things animals people4Regression person reverts to previous phase of psychological development5Denial people refuse to admit that something unpleasant is happeningDevelopment of PersonalityoPersonality develops through psychosexual stages sexual energy takes different forms
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