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Assignment One Stresses of Downsizing Q: Why does it matter if Joe is ‘acting supervisor’ or supervisor? He is still doing the job and getting a supervisors pay. Joe is not a trained supervisor and goes about his day doing any job that has yet been completed, while his efforts, as a supervisor should be more focused on administrative duties. This lack of training may limit Joe’s vision for long-term success as he tries to satisfy all the current needs of employees and the client base. That being said, Joe claims to solve the ambiguity employees find during their daily course of work, yet Joe has no solid job description, which makes his job extremely ambiguous. From Dealing with Babies to Horses Q: Why would someone moving into a Senior Management position feel the need to prove him or herself as if they were moving into supervision for the first time? Any employees moving into this position would feel the need to prove themselves but significantly more if they are being hired from an external source, as all employees will judge the new manager based on the first couple of decisions they make. This may also take a toll on morale of certain employees as many who believe they had an opportunity for an internal promotion are now being directed from an individual who has limited experience in their field. Employees may also lack confidence in the new manager depending on the decisions they make due to a lack in technical competencies. Lastly, as a new employee to a new organization, they may feel that their job is still not secured and that any mistakes they make will be blown out of proportion or any decisions they make that the board does not necessarily agree with will put their job at risk. Q: What are the management strengths that Lana brings from her former jobs to her new job as director? After working in a very similar sector for numerous years, Lana has lots of experience in the pace and high level demand of a 24 hour-a-day service and has the required interpersonal and conceptual competencies to be a good director. Both of the jobs require a very similar level of planning and structure to function properly and effectively. Although she lacks the specific technical competencies for the new job, many of the skills she learned in her previous occupation plus her ability to work with and understand people will provide her with a solid base to build new competencies specific to the new hospital. Furthermore, due to her experience in a similar position/sector, Lana realizes the importance on receiving input and working with all the employees on changes that must be made. By doing this, she will build credibility among the new staff as they share similar visions for long-term success. Q: What are the major similarities/differences between Joe’s ‘acting supervisor’ and Lana’s ‘director’ position? Use information’s such as various management functions and competencies and complexity of the job. Both Joe and Lana are required to make decisions that help lead and organize their respective organizations, although these decisions vary in size, as the two organizations are very different. All management functions can be applied to bot
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