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Chapter 2

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University of Lethbridge
MGT 3050
Cheryl Meheden

MGT3050: Human Resources Management September 13 & 18, 2012 Chapter 2: Job Analysis  Goals of the day o Explain the steps for conducting a job analysis o Write a job description and a job specification o Interpret and apply NOC coding o Explain key consideration for job design o Redesign a work unit using job characteristics data  Job analysis has 3 phases o Phase 1: Preparation  Be familiar with organization and jobs  Understand the uses of the information that will be collected  Identify the jobs to be analyzed o Phase 2: Collection of Information  Determine sources  Human o Incumbent o Supervisor  Non-human o Databases o Internet (NOC: see handout) o Records (ie: job description)  Data collection instrument design  Questionnaires  Interviews  Observation  Employee log  Survey o Phase 3: Uses of job analysis information  Job description
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