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Chapter 4

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University of Lethbridge
MGT 3050
Cheryl Meheden

MGT3050: Human Resources Management September 25-27, 2012 Chapter 4:  Goals of the day: 1. Identify who governs employment law in Canada. 2. Identify 12 protected grounds from discrimination under Human Rights legislation. 3. Define bona fide occupational requirements. 4. Recognize what constitutes harassment and how to write a harassment policy (project). 5. List the four designated groups and describe how to ensure workplace diversity.  Who governs employment? o The province o Employee Welfare Legislation  Employment standards: laws that govern the rules for employment  Establishes minimum standards that employers have to adhere to  Employees <18, holidays, hours of work, rest periods, etc  See handout  Constructive dismissal: an employer changes the work environment in order to antagonize a voluntary leave  Human rights  Occupational health and safety  Employment equity act  Etc  Human Rights legislation o Discrimination: distinction, exclusion, special treatment o 12 protected grounds: 1. Race 2. Age (subjective) 3. Gender 4. Physical disability 5. Mental disability 6. Religion 7. Ancestry 8. Place of origin 9. Color 10. Marital status 11. Family status (do you have children, are you related to someone) 12. Source of income  Sexual orientation (Alberta is the last to recognize this as a protected ground)  Instead of rewriting the legislation to include this, they “wrote it in”. It’s part of the protected grounds, but it is NOT one of the 12.  Bona fide occupational requirement MGT3050: Human Resources Management September 25-27, 2012 o You can discriminate against someone based on the safety requirements of the
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