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Gail Amort- Larson

1 2 See Silberberg 5.14 + 5.20 Effect of mass and temperature 3RT From last time urms= M Temperature effect O2at 273 K and 1000 K Gases have greater average speeds at higher temperatures. Mass effect O vs. H at 273K 2 2 Lighter gases have greater average speeds than heavier gases. 3 4 Calculation for the ratio of speeds for hydrogen vs Effusion and Diffusion oxygen speeds. If a poisonous gas is released in the room it will take 3RT some time for it to spread across the entire room. M urms 2 H2 M O2 u = 3RT = M rms 2 H2 M O2 Mean free path = average distance a gas molecule –7 –1 travels between collisions. ~10 m 0.032 kg mol = 0.002 kg mol –1 = 16 = 4 Collisions  greater time will elapse before homogeneous spreading of the gas. At the same temperature, 2 has a speed that is 4 times greater than that o2 O . 5 6 Diffusion mixing of gases Diffusion Effusion passage of a gas through a pinhole into Instead of vacuum, have another gas vacuum  Comparing 2 gases Morecollisions Graham’s law of effusion  Slowerprocess Effusion rate is directly proportional to the root mean Solutions more complex requiring calc
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