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Gail Amort- Larson

This weekend, Daylight Saving ends. I get an hour of sleep, you get an extra hour to study for the final. Bizarro By Dan Piraro Read sections 5.5, 5.6, 12.3 Practice PS #5 is posted 1 2 Real gases Ideal gas law useful for ordinary conditions. See table 5.3 from Silberberg Remember: Ideal gas law is accurate to ~1.5% for gases under 20 atm AND 50C above their boiling points. Idealasw nVT Molar volume at STP Vm = 22.414 L STP = standard temperature and pressure (for gases) 0C and 1 atm 3 4 See fig 5.23 Temperature effect PV PV Compressibility factor Z = = m nRT RT Essentially, we are plotting the deviation from the ideal gas law. 5 6 The closer a gas is to the liquid state the more it will The most famous equation is the van der Waals deviate from the ideal gas law. equation. 2 an (P+ V2 )(V – nb) = nRT Corrections to describe the behavior of gases are an2 called equations rather than laws. These equations P + 2 adjusting measured P up to account for V are good for limited ranges but within those ranges interactions are better than the ideal gas law. larger a  stronger attractions V – nb adjusting V down to account for the volume Most corrections account for the finite volume of the ofolecules molecules and for the attractive forces between the larger b  larger molecular size molecules. a, b are parameters specific and different for each gas molecule 7 8 See figure 5.25 Compare the pressures predicted for 0.8 L of Cl 2 weighing 17.5g at 273.15 K using (a) the ideal gas equation and (b) the van der Waals equation. 17.5 g First fi
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