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Chapter 3

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Chapter 3 Genetics form mendel to human genome projectMendel was monk in austria found the mod of inheritance in all organismsexual who solved the problem posed by darwins mistaken idea of blending inheritance in his experiment in plant hybirdization He argued that inheritance was actually a PARTICULATE PROCESS and that the actual material that was inherited maintained its existance throughout the generations He suggested that each traits that determined by presence of a pair of inherited factorsalleles THE FIRST LAW THE LAW OF SEGREGATION states that these pairs segregate during reproduction and come together during sex 1 form each parent in a childfound this in his 31 rattio of F1 and F2pure breeding crosses 2nd law THE LAW OF INDEPENDENT ASSORTMENT states that each alleles ie color and shape segregate independently of each other giving us 9331 ratio which is 31 31 together Completely unknow to darwin until in 1900 some european botanist found itGene chromosome and cell divisionskipped what you need to knowchromosomal theory of inheritance reginold punnett Thomass hunt morgon sex linkedbeadle and tutam 1 gene 1 enzyme DNA structure in 1952 and awarded to watson crick and wilkins while Pauling lost to themEvolution NS genetic driftfounder effect gene flowModern evolutionary systhesis is the combination of darwinismmandelianism to explain evolution correctlyHUMAN GENOME PROJECT began in 1990 till 2003 Identified 2025000 genes determine 3 billion bases pairs store information in computer improve data analysis tramfer related data to private sector address ethical questionsChapter 4 The history of the concept of raceThe recent origin of race Originated long time ago but appears to be around the age of explorations in 15 century when europeans went into the new world and came across new human diversity and led tothe folk belief which presumed european superiority it quickly gained intrest and became and orthodox belief This created as called by smedley the racial worldviewwhich includehuman population inqualitydifference btw human groups are the outer manifestation of deep and significant biological difference intelligence etc and behavioral featuredifferences can be inheritedie one is bad all are badthese differences are permannent and remain fixed and unchangedRace and racial classificationLinnaeus created bionomian nomenclature and built a hierechal taxonomic system familiy order class phylum and kingdom and included an optional one for geographical variation ie color within species and called these subspecific
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