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Francois Larose

Anthropology 150 Reading SummaryChapter 1 On the Neoexistance of Human Race Race first began in US in around 1619 when the first ship of african slaves were brought by PILGRIMS that came on the MAYFLOWER a ship that brought english called pilgrimsto US Even is a huge problem for the US todayThere is no agreed upondefinition of the term race Some argue that it is a biological while others say it is cultural and some argue that it is the combination of both bicultural CON et all said race are people that look the samephysically and argued for RACIAL STOCK ie negroidmangoloidwhiteaustamericapolynesians while BOYD said it is genetically and used the different blood groups ABOMN and RB difference between groupsMONTAGUE1942 came in and said saying race is racist and dangerous so we should say ETHNIC GROUPS The author of this books says that it is cultural or social concept not biologicalMany anthropologist believe that biological race is nothing but a FOLK CONCEPTan human imagination that arose when europeons searched the world and discovered new humansHistory of Biological raceBegan when people move aorudn the the world and saw diff human diversity and became anan idea about the geographic patterning of human biological variations Cultural differences
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