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Chapter 2

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Francois Larose

Chapter 2 Common groundsBrain Mind and evolution1Compared to other animals all normal humans are characterized by exceptional ability to LEARNan unparalleled faculty for COMPLEX COMMUNICATION and the unique capacity for SELF AWARENESSThe critical evolutionary developments leading to these capacities are three and they are in orderly manner1 upright posturefirst achieved by the australopithecines that were succeeded by Homoerectus then the neanderthals appeared and then the Cromagnonmodern human arrived 40000 years ago2 increasing the size and the complexity of the brain 3 inquiring language 4 accompanied by the evolution of the consciousnessDisplacement is the feature of language that allows us to speak about those condition and objects not immediately observable to us Displacement means that we can dwell on our memories and plan for the future we think and talk about ourselves as well be or have been We can speak of faraway places Our capacity for abstract though allow us to to be a reflective creature and aware of our selfs as a group and as an individual Extra notes We learn from experience to modify behavior as needed And different challenges forces us to adapt to different environmentsSocial Races Refers to the fact that people us culturally and socially constructed labels to identify groups though to be races Ie a child of a black and white mixed being called black The categories have little meaning except what we want to make of them Extra notes Today we are more concerned with defi
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