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Chapter 3

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chapter 3 summariesCulture as adaptation culture is a learned beliefs and behavior which overtime becomes unconscious routine And it is adaptive because we learn to survive in various localities and historical circumstancesCulture is our adaptive mechanism ourability to learn quickly from experiences and to mitigate the direct effect of the environmentclothing shelter food etc extends our adaptive range to variety of environmentsThe adjustment is not just physical it must include social adjustment as well as we learn to live with other humans around usAll behavior cannot be explained as adaptive since some or maladaptive and irrelevant Culture do not have to be adaptive to survivewe do things not necessary to survive Adaptive focus every behavior has a purpose Culture of povertyexplain people living in isoloated self perpetuating life of violence crime alcoholism and immediate grafitti among other behaviour considered daviant found by oscar lewis working with portarican familiesit exist in any class stratified capatilist society It people have the behavior which is based on the lifestyle featuring short term adaptations to scarcity learned over generationsDifferent culture have different ways of dealing with the culture of povertyStreetcorner as a way of escape and neplas childrens spendin
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