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Chapter 14-16

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Gail Amort- Larson

Chapters 1416 Probability In these chapters we will talk aboutSample space Events Probability for some events Complement of an event The union of two eventsThe intersection of two eventsMutually exclusive or disjoint events Probability rules Conditional probabilities Independence of two eventsRandom variablesProbability distribution of a discrete random variableExpected value or mean of a discrete random variable Definition A probability experiment is any action for which an outcome cannot be predicted with certainty 0HOH22Toss a coinHHead or TTail Flip a die 1 2 3 4 5 6 Choose a student and record hisher weight Definition The set of all possible outcomes is called the sample space Example 1 Find the sample space for the following probability experiments SHT a Toss a coinS123456 b Flip a die c Toss a coin twice SHH HT TH TT HHHTTHTTd Flip a die twice11 1213 1415 16212223242526 S 616263646566 e Toss a coin until we get a head
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