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Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 – Political Parties (page 152)
-in Canada and the Us, people have become alienated from party politics
-membership in political parties has dropped
ochoose to be involved in public interest groups instead
-major parties focused on gaining and maintaining political power so compromise
their principles to get support from voters or from their financial backers
The Origin and Development of Political Parties
-political party: an organization that has a central role in the competition for
political power in legislative bodies and in governing
-Cadre and Mass Parties
owhen right to vote started to expand, looked to notables (elite) who had
money to support the party's candidates.
othese were called cadre parties: a loosely organized party usually
established by members of a legislative body with the support of local
notables. Are concerned mainly with electing members of party to the
legislative bodies, rather than building a strong, centralized, membership-
based organization outside of the legislature.
usually created in legislature
omass parties: a party that draws its support from a regular dues-paying
membership and features a strong party organization outside of the
formed as a way to challenge elite domination of political life
usually externally created to get ex. working class
no support of wealthy so based on membership fee
oparty conventions: a meeting of delegates from party constituency
associations as well as the party's legislators and party officials
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